Reifel Industries, Inc. started in business applying corrosion resistant coatings to roofing screws in March 1984. During the past 34 years much has changed in the application of corrosion resistant coatings technology. The new coating materials are better and cleaner, new application technology is much more efficient and our large electrocoating machines allow quick turnaround for the largest quantities of parts.


The only thing that has been consistent in the past 34 years is our steadfast commitment to provide the best quality of coatings with the highest level of service at the lowest possible price. We have always believed that our success is directly related to your success and that Reifel Industries is an important partner in helping you to meet the needs of your customers.

Helping you realize our commitment to your success we are changing our name. Reifel Industries will be known as The Finishing Department at Reifel Industries. This change reflects our desire for everyone at your company to think of us as YOUR Finishing Department. We hope you will immediately begin to refer to us as The Finishing Department. By using the name The Finishing Department your entire staff will begin to think of us as an extension of your manufacturing process.

Our web site www.finishingdepartment.com now reflects our commitment to your success. You will notice we answer the phones as The Finishing Department. Our trucks have The Finishing Department signage and our written documentation now refers to us as The Finishing Department. We are making this change because we want to be your Finishing Department.